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Why smart metering is an important enabler for Net Zero

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Why smart metering is an important enabler for Net Zero

In 2019, the UK government committed to operating at Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. The roll-out of smart meters for consumers and businesses alike is fundamental to meeting Net Zero.

Achieving Net Zero isn’t down to one single thing, but many actions across different areas. With 40% of UK emissions coming from households, this means the energy used in our homes has an important part to play in meeting Net Zero targets.

The Climate Change Committee has identified the types of changes needed for the UK to fulfil its Net Zero obligations. A summary of these includes:

  • Resource and energy efficiencies that reduce demand for energy across the economy

  • Societal choices that lead to lower demand for carbon-intensive activities

  • Electrification and expansion of renewable and other low-carbon power generation

  • Development of a hydrogen economy to service demands for some industrial processes

  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS) in industry

How far along are we towards achieving Net Zero?

According to The Climate Change Committee, UK emissions were 48% below 1990 levels in 2020. This reduction reflects the impact Covid-19 had on emissions in 2020, much of which is not expected to be permanent. The fall in emissions between 2019 and 1990 was 40%.

According to BEIS, in March 2021 there were 24.2 million smart and advanced meters in homes and small businesses across Great Britain, representing 44% national smart meter coverage, a considerable shortfall for the 100% smart coverage target by mid-2025.

The energy industry certainly needs to pick up the pace to ensure this environmental initiative is met.

What is In Home Displays Ltd doing to contribute to Net Zero?

Our in-home displays allow consumers to access data to help manage and reduce their energy consumption, thus minimising environmental impact. Below are some of the steps we have taken to contribute to Net Zero:

Our in-home display packaging is eco-friendly

Since we support the drive towards Net Zero, it is appropriate that we, in turn, take every step we can to reduce our environmental impact. All our product packaging contains no single-use plastics and is made from 100% biodegradable or recyclable materials.

Minimising our product impacts

We optimise design, development and all supply chain activities to ensure our products have the minimum possible impact. Against the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) 2012 targets, we are significantly ahead in both recycling and recovery targets at well over 80%.

We have repackaged our shipping containers to reduce our carbon footprint

By repackaging our shipment units to increase the number of displays that can be shipped on a container by 25%, we have reduced our carbon footprint.

A user-friendly interface makes managing energy use easy

All of our in-home displays are designed around a logical menu structure, making it much easier for consumers to manage and reduce their energy consumption. It only takes a couple of clicks to access detailed information on energy history and usage, energy accounts, tariffs, and much more.

We drive electric or hybrid vehicles

The majority of our team now drive electric or hybrid vehicles. As an organisation, we plan to be fully electric within the next 3 years.

Our parent company HQ is being developed with green credentials in mind

The new global HQ of one of our joint venture companies, Hutchison Technologies, is being developed with green credentials in mind. Here are some of the green steps we are taking:

  • We will not be using natural gas to heat our offices. Our heating and air conditioning systems will use air source heat pump technology

  • We have one of the largest solar panel arrays in Tayside. A significant percentage of the electricity we require will be generated by our own solar panel systems

  • We will have 40 EV Charging Bays to support the full electrification of our fleet of vehicles

All these steps mean that, at the group level, we can show our commitment to sustainability and achieve an aspiration to be a carbon-neutral business by 2025.

Future proof your energy business with our in-home displays

In-Home Displays Ltd oversees the design and manufacture of market-leading in-home display products for smart energy and connected home markets. We work with major players in the energy sector, helping consumers manage and reduce their energy use in real-time by accessing their energy data from smart meters. The use of digital energy provided by our in-home displays gives consumers the power to be pivotal in the drive towards Net Zero.

As well as supporting the smart meter roll-out, we also fully back new domestic energy initiatives.

Check out our smart in-home displays product range or contact us to have a chat about your smart energy projects and requirements.


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