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Simple and informative smart energy in-home display and prepayment interface devices. Both of these SmartView models feature an intuitive user interface that improves customer engagement.

Deployed as part of a smart metering system, SmartView³ and SmartView⁴ deliver real-time and historic energy information giving consumers complete control over their energy use.

SmartView³ is a single band device and SmartView⁴ is a dual-band device with selectable band capability.

Our smart energy devices help consumers easily control how much energy they use and we offer a wide range of products to suit different users and lifestyles.

Specialists in Zigbee and

meter comms protocols

All products are
in the UK

Dedicated global

supply chain team



Single Band Device

Dual Band Device


SmartXtend is a discreet solution that significantly extends the range of any Zigbee SM HAN Network.


Fitting directly into a standard UK wall socket, it automatically pairs with the Smart Meter HAN when a join request is sent to the Comms Hub.

SmartXtend extends the Zigbee signal range, increasing success for installs in areas such as large properties, ‘dark’ gas meters or multi-dwelling scenarios.

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SmartView      allows access to smart energy data at home or on the move.

It combines the accessibility and benefits of an in-home display and prepayment interface device, with the flexibility of a Consumer Access Device (CAD).


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