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SE grant award - Bringing home a share of £750,000 innovation funding.

In-Home Displays is working to help people make the most efficient use of energy while staying safe and comfortable, and our contribution to a sustainable future has just been recognised by Scottish Enterprise. Our R&D partner, Hutchison International, has been chosen as one of the leading green heat companies across Scotland to share in a grant of over £750,000 for innovation funding.


Data and control management are an essential part of the drive to decarbonise the heat supply chain, and with 26% of UK carbon emissions coming from the residential sector, what happens at home really matters. The roll-out of smart metering has made display products ubiquitous, but currently they’re limited in what they can do.


As new green energy technology becomes available, there will be a need for a single platform to capture and process all kinds of data, and provide a holistic view of usage. We’re working on a new generation of display products that will harness information from multiple sources, alongside AI and algorithms, to give consumers a comprehensive insight into their energy usage in a single, easy-to-understand format. This will help them make smart choices and reduce their bills, while benefitting the environment by reducing overall consumption. 


The new funding from Scottish Enterprise will help us develop technology around additional modular interfaces and functionality. Rather than developing multiple, energy-specific data sources or relying on costly cloud storage, our solutions build on existing technology to provide a cost-effective, all-in-one modular source of meaningful data from multiple inputs such as district heating, heat pumps and solar. It will support additional usage control functionality for temperature and humidity, improving the quality and performance of social housing. Future low- carbon heating and cooling developments, and energy storage methods, will easily ‘slot-in’ to our systems as they become available. 


The funding is being distributed via the competitive CAN DO Innovation Green Heat Feasibility Call through the Scottish Government’s Green Heat Innovation Support Programme, which aims to grow Scotland’s green heat market by stimulating innovation and investment. 


Patrick Harvie, Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights said: “Through this programme the Scottish Government is helping to create an environment where our businesses are encouraged to develop new technologies that support our transition to net zero.”


Suzanne Sosna, director of economic opportunities at Scottish Enterprise, said: “Decarbonising heat will play a crucial role in meeting global net zero targets, creating opportunities for Scottish businesses in supply chain areas such as manufacturing, assembly, design, and consultancy and installation.”


If you’re looking for a partner to develop cost-effective energy data capture solutions, talk to us at


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