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SmartXtend Zigbee Repeater helps solve Smart Metering HAN Range and Connectivity Issues

Energy retailer Customer Services are plagued by consumers unable to view all their smart meter data on their supplied in-home display.

Much is being talked about the long-awaited ALT-HAN solution to address all range issues where consumers are unable to received data from their smart meters to view on installed in home displays. However, there is an alternative available for the considerable number of households where the meter is out of range of the in-home display, or the gas meter is not available on the HAN so acting as a “Dumb” meter, as metering units are increasingly fitted to external walls.

Enter SmartXtend – a simple, low cost, home install solution which extends the range of any Zigbee Smart Meter HAN. Simply by positioning the SmartXtend between the meters and/or the in-home display and plugging it into a standard UK socket, it can be joined to and repeat any signal on that HAN so extending the reach of the devices on the HAN.

SmartXtend is a discreet and simple way of extending any Zigbee Smart Meter HAN. Fitting directly into a UK 3-pin wall socket, it automatically pairs with the Smart Meter HAN when a join request is sent to the Comms Hub. SmartXtend expands the HAN coverage, increasing success for installs in areas where you have, for example, a “dumb” gas meter positioned too far away from the Comms Hub, such as in large properties or multi-dwelling units. SmartXtend gives more flexibility in positioning a PPMID/in-home display to increase engagement. The extended range avoids having to place your display device in a garage, for example, close to the smart meter. This is particularly helpful for consumers with reduced mobility.

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