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Boost smart in-home display connectivity to improve customer engagement

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Reliable connectivity from an in-home display to a smart meter’s Home Area Network (HAN) is critical to the success of the smart meter roll-out. Furthermore, having a good connection helps to minimise installation times and improves the customer experience, which in turn reduces customer complaints and enquiries.

Nevertheless, in-home displays are sometimes abandoned in drawers and cupboards because consumers have not been receiving the necessary data from the HAN. This can lead to consumer frustration which minimises customer engagement.

What is the problem with in-home display connectivity?

In-home displays work best when they are close to the smart meter. If a property is larger, or the consumer lives in a flat (where the in-home display may be some distance from the smart meter), then connectivity is more likely to be scant or not work at all.

What are we doing to boost connectivity?

Dual-band in-home display

We understand the connectivity frustrations of in-home displays. That’s why we have developed SmartView4, an in-home display with dual-band connectivity, complementing dual-band Comms Hub installations. SmartView4 offers installers the option to select either 2.4GHz band or 868 MHz bands or auto band select – all through a simple pop-up menu.

This innovative functionality boosts connectivity to the in-home display over an extended distance from the smart meter. Consumers can reliably view and manage their energy data from their in-home display, which helps to improve usage and customer engagement.

Benefits of dual-band functionality in a single display

As well as boosting connectivity from the smart meter to the in-home display, there are other advantages to having dual-band functionality options in a single device, such as:

· Reducing stock keeping and inventory levels, thus reducing supply chain costs

· Reduces the number of different displays needed in an installer’s van, simplifying and speeding up installations

SmartView4 is an excellent choice of in-home display for when a consumer needs that extra connectivity boost. It also features an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, which increases customer engagement and helps to encourage energy efficiency adoption in the drive towards Net Zero.

Find out more about SmartView4 here

We are doing our bit to minimise environmental impact

In-Home Displays supplies market-leading in-home display products for smart energy and connected home markets. We work with major players in the energy sector, helping consumers to manage and reduce their energy use in real-time by accessing their energy data from smart meters.

Since our in-home displays are a key contributor to the smart energy programme, we think it’s important that our displays are also environmentally friendly. That’s why all our product packaging contains no plastic and is made from 100% biodegradable or recyclable materials with zero single-use plastics. Additionally, by repackaging our shipment units to increase the number of displays that can be shipped on a container by 25%, we have reduced our carbon footprint.

Check out our range of in-home displays here or contact us to have a chat about your in-home display or other smart device needs.


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