We design and manufacture market leading in-home display products for the smart energy and connected home markets.


Our goal is to deliver information that enables users to easily understand energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Our design team deliver innovative and desirable products that drive increased sales and improve customer engagement. User Experience is a key thread throughout our design process.

All elements of the design are carried out by our in-house design team, ensuring rapid development of solutions to meet customer requirements.
SmartView 2 displaying energy consumption
SmartViewPro connected to a Smart Meter


Our technology development expertise and experience in smart energy ensures that our products are reliable and robust. Our firmware team are industry experts in Zigbee and all associated radio protocols, and specialists in the implementation of SMETS standards.

We have completed successful integration and testing of our products with multiple meter manufacturers.


Our supply chain has significant capacity to deliver large volume product manufacturing. We currently supply significant volumes of IHD products to some of the Big Six energy utilities.

A dedicated team manage all necessary product and logistics requirements for each customer.
SmartView 2 packaging and instructionals
Map of IHDL smart energy products in the home

The Connected Home

Our product family enables complete flexibility for your real time smart energy and smart devices by creating multiple interaction and control points. Whichever way you prefer to view your energy and control your smart devices, it's totally up to you.