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SmartXtend is a discrete and simple solution which significantly extends the range of any Zigbee SM HAN Network.


Fitting directly into the standard UK three pin wall socket and automatically pairing to your SM HAN, it is simple to install and set up.

SmartXtend extends the Zigbee signal range, increasing success for installs in areas such as large properties, 'dark' gas meters or smaller multi-dwelling unit scenarios.
SmartXtend near SmartView
SmartXtend LED indicators

Status Indicators

Simple and subtle LED indicators provide instant and easily understood status information.

This includes indication of RSSI levels during set-up, which ensures optimal positioning of the unit to provide maximum range.

Discreet Design

A compact and discreet form means the product won’t look out of place plugged into any plug socket.
SmartXtend orthographic views
SmartXtend in home area network

Extending Your Network Range

In environments such as large homes or where your Smart Meters are situated remotely to your property, SmartExtend significantly extends the Zigbee range coverage, enabling successful and reliable Smart Meter / IHD installs.

Specification Overview

Smart Energy Communications: ZigBee Smart Energy SE1.4
2.4GHz / 868MHz
Communications: Integrated 802.11 V, plus 802.11N legacy support for 802.11 b / g
TCP/IP Ethernet Ports
LED Status Indicators: Power
Smart Metering Home Area Network
AC Supply Voltage: 90-250V 50-60Hz <0.1A UK Plug
Power Consumption: <0.5W (typical)
Product Weight: 70 grams
Dimensions: 56mm x 90mm x 22mm (Excl. Plug Pins)
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