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SmartViewPro provides the accessibility and benefits of an In Home Display with the flexibility of a Consumer Access Device allowing you to access your Smart Energy data at home or on the move

Next Gen In-Home Display

SmartViewPro is an elegant all-in-one solution to your Smart Energy and Smart Home needs.

Sleek, compact and comfortable in hand, its simple and consistent interface provides easy access to your Smart Energy information in the comfort of your home.
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SmartViewPro history screen

Intuitive Interface

SmartViewPro presents your ZigBee Smart Energy data using simple language and in an easy to digest format providing useful insights into your energy consumption.

Your real-time energy consumption, historical energy graphs and the ability to set daily energy targets are all available at your fingertips.

Designed For You

SmartViewPro is available in either button or touchscreen options. Both versions have been been designed to be usable by as many people as reasonably possible.
SmartViewPro button menu
SmartViewPro with app

Virtual In-Home Display

Consumer access device functionality means even if you’re not at home you can still access your Smart Energy data using the Fuuli app available for iOS, Android or on the web.

With helpful notifications when prices change or when it's time to top up SmartViewPro and Fuuli put you in control of your energy spend.

Smart Home Control

SmartViewPro provides Home Automation functionality bringing together your Smart Energy data with the power of the ‘Internet of Things'.

You can schedule your heating program and see how much it costs, control smart devices, check on your home safety and much more.
SmartViewPro thermostat control
SmartViewPro in home area network

Connected Home

SmartViewPro is a powerful, easy to set up, one-product solution to your Smart Energy and Home Automation needs keeping you in control and connected to your home wherever you are.

Specification Overview

Smart Energy Communications: ZigBee Smart Energy SE1.4
2.4GHz / 868MHz
Communications: Integrated 802.11 V, plus 802.11N legacy support for 802.11 b / g
Display Type: 3.5inch Colour TFT Dot Matrix Display 480x320
Display Viewing Angle: 60° bottom, 70° top, left & right
Display Interface Options: Full Capacitive Touch Panel
4 Button Navigation
Memory: 32Mb DDR2
DC Supply Voltage: 5V
Power Adapter: AC In 90-250V 50-60Hz
<0.15A DC Out 5V/1A
UK Plug (suitable for LetterBox packaging)
Product Weight: 110 grams (1 A adapter 75 grams)
Dimensions: 116mm x 81mm x 20mm
Battery Options: 3 x AAA Rechargeable
3 x AAA Disposable Batteries
For further information on technical specifications or pricing, please contact us