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SmartHub is a next generation consumer access device which combines real time smart energy information with the control of all your smart home devices.

Zigbee / Wi-Fi Consumer Access Device

SmartHub incorporates Zigbee Smart Energy for connecting to your smart meter, plus Zigbee Home Automation, allowing full control of your smart appliances.

Along with state-of-the-art functionality SmartHub's modern subtle form is designed to fit gracefully into your home. Simple light indicators mean you always know when things are working or if there any problems with any part of your network.
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Virtual In-Home Display

SmartHub enables you to view all your real time smart energy data on our app or via any web enabled device.

This allows you the flexibility of multiple routes to view everything you need to know about your energy and account information. You can access detailed energy history, recent bills and payments, current energy tariffs and so much more.

All the same Smart Energy information available on SmartView³, SmartView⁴ and SmartViewPro can be accessed via an intuitive and feature rich user interface.

Smart Home Control

Whether you want to schedule your heating program, control a smart device or even check on your home safety, SmartHub brings together smart energy data and the "Internet of Things" enabling direct connection and control of multiple third party home control solutions in a single intuitive user interface.

smarthub thermostat control
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Simple Setup

Getting started with SmartHub is simple. Once powered up and connected to your home Wi-Fi you can wirelessly connect your smartphone, tablet and PC by simply logging in to your account.

Your Connected Home

SmartHub gives you access to your energy usage data via any web enabled device giving you a wealth of information at your fingertips whether at home or on the move.
smarthub in home area network

Specification Overview

Smart Energy Communications: ZigBee Smart Energy SE1.4
2.4GHz / 868MHz
Communications: Integrated 802.11 V, plus 802.11N legacy support for 802.11 b / g
TCP/IP Ethernet Ports
LED Status Indicators: Power
Smart Metering Home Area Network
Display Viewing Angle: 60° bottom, 70° top, left & right
Memory/Storage: RAM 64MB
Flash Memory 8MB
DC Supply Voltage: 5V
Power Adapter: AC In 90-250V 50-60Hz <0.15A
DC Out 5V/1A
UK Plug (suitable for LetterBox packaging)
Product Weight: 135 grams
Dimensions: 116mm x 81mm x 20mm
For further information on technical specifications or pricing, please contact us