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In Home Displays Ltd launch two new IHD-PPMID devices

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

IHD-PPMID devices

This month sees the launch of the next in a series of new products to our range of easy to use in-home displays. The SmartView³ and SmartView⁴ are informative and engaging displays allowing users to view, understand and easily manage their energy usage, contributing to net zero and climate change targets.

With a stylish design and intuitive user interface, both devices are simple to navigate and understand. They feature access to ‘real time’ energy usage information, allowing customers to be in complete control of energy usage and costs. Display settings can be customised, increasing user choice, and the full prepayment capability means users are in control of top-ups, reminders and can manage emergency credit.

Both devices benefit from class-leading RF performance, which maximises operating range and significantly improves communication performance for the consumer. They are compliant with UK Smart Energy SMETS2 v4.2 and GBCS v3.2.

Director of Operations Marc Bowden said: “We’re pleased to announce the launch of the next in a series of new products to our range of stylish and easy to use in-home displays. The SmartView³ is single band IHD PPMID, while the SmartView⁴ is dual band for improved HAN coverage. The new releases in our SmartView range are SMETS2 v 4.2 GBCS v3.2 compliant products supporting the UK smart metering roll-out.”

IHDL aims to deliver information that enables users to easily understand energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. Leveraging the combined resources of Hutchison Technologies and Shore Design, IHDL provides an end-to-end service including design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics. It has experience working with large energy retailers to roll out first and second generation in-home displays.

Director of Business Development Pauline Swarbrick added: “We place quality at the core of our design and manufacturing to ensure our solutions are reliable, secure, safe and environmentally friendly. We are really pleased to bring these two new devices to the marketplace and to offer customers complete control of energy usage and costs, supporting net zero targets and helping to tackle climate change.”

Other new products are on schedule to follow over the coming months.


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