Our smart energy devices enable consumers to easily control how much energy they use. We offer a wide range of products to suit different users and lifestyles.

A simple and informative smart energy combined in-home display and prepayment interface device, with an intuitive user interface enables engagement with a broad spectrum of consumers.

Deployed as part of a smart metering system, SmartView² delivers real time and historic energy information giving consumers complete control over their energy use. 

Our enhanced In Home Display combining a Consumer Access Device (CAD) into a single unit. Delivering IHD functionality via its full colour touchscreen or app, with real time data and connected home integration via cloud services.

The integration of Smart Energy data and the ‘Internet of Things’ offers a scalable product which meets UK Smart Metering requirements with significant scope for expansion of services to the consumer. 

A Consumer Access Device (CAD) with Virtual IHD functionality which brings together smart energy data and the ‘Internet of Things’ smart device control in a single and intuitive user interface.

Data is transmitted to a secure cloud service, which can be accessed using an open or proprietary API. Access is easy, whether home or away, using any smartphone or tablet.

A discrete and simple solution for extending the wireless communication range for products joined to your Smart Metering Home Area Network (SM HAN), whether that be a Smart Meter, IHD, PPMID or HCALCS, enabling solutions to be deployed to avoid stranded assets such as "dark" gas meters or in large scale properties or smaller MDUs.

A Smart Energy and Smart Home app which provides insights into energy use and home automation functionality. Fuuli displays all the Smart Energy data via the SmartHub or SmartViewPro and offers heating and smart device control.

The Fleet Management System is a dashboard through which energy retailers can manage their fleet of IHDL smart energy devices. Fleet Management includes live reporting on device locations, device health metrics, and device general diagnostic information. Fleet Management gives the energy retailer visibility of the software and firmware running on all CADs in the fleet and can remotely and securely update the software and firmware when required. Through Fleet Management, energy retailers will be able to give remote customer support - fetching logs from the device, and sending commands. The energy retailer will have complete visibility of the CAD network.

Fleet Management provides real time alerts for any data metric we capture where the metric is outside a set parameter. IHDL will liaise with each energy retailer and identify what they wish to monitor and the parameter range.

All of this allows the Energy Retailer to manage issues proactively before they are reported by the consumer instead of reactively after an issue becomes known to the consumer and reported by the consumer, thereby, improving the consumer journey and experience.